Why I Think Everyone Should Travel Solo at Least Once

After a few months of traveling solo through Africa, I recently returned to New York — the crazy city I once called home for almost 3 years. One afternoon, I thought about going to a party but none of my friends could accompany me to the event since most of them are have jobs (unlike me!). When I was about to resign myself to staying in, I thought, ‘Wait, wasn’t I the girl who had just booked a one-way flight to Tunisia and showed up in that country by myself where I didn’t know a single person or speak the language?’ And yet, here I was, contemplating turning down a fun event with free booze because I didn’t have anybody to go with.

Then it suddenly dawned on me just how many things people do — like staying in shitty relationships — and things people avoid doing — like going to see a movie — simply because being by yourself is considered socially unconventional. And of course, traveling is high on that list of things. But if I had never traveled solo then I would never have experienced the unique thrill of traveling to a foreign land without a single familiar thing around except for my own (beautiful😜) face. For me, it’s the feeling of having complete freedom, stepping 100% out of your comfort zone and exploring the ultimate unknown — the epitome of an adventure. Of course, sharing experiences with a friend or a significant other is awesome, but I learned that this fact shouldn’t discount the awesomeness of experiencing the world on your own.*

So, in a funny way, my solo travels in various parts of the world inspired me to do the unthinkable at home: I walked into a party in NYC by myself and chatted with complete strangers. And guess what? I made friends and had fun. Plus I drank free booze! 😋

*Remember, there are 7 billion people in this world, so you are really never on your own even if you want to be!